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A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of your face. Even a subtle change can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. New techniques like whitening, bonding, enamel shaping, veneers, and white fillings allow us to create a beautiful smile with, at times, only minimal changes to existing teeth.

The Latest Trend in Orthodontics is No Braces at All!

Adult "invisible braces" (which are not really braces at all, but clear plastic retainers) are a new technique for adults to obtain the results of braces without wearing braces! This technique, which is effective only for mild to moderate crowding, utilizes a series of retainers (computer generated or lab constructed) that are worn sequentially until the desired correction is achieved.

OKC invisalign invisible braces

Oklahoma City Invisible Braces

Single Visit Crowns

CEREC 3D ® is a computer-aided design and ceramic restoration system that allows us to create permanent restorations in our office. That means we can design, fabricate, and place an incredibly esthetic ceramic restoration in a single visit! Using the CEREC method, crown restoration means: no messy impressions, no temporary crowns - no need for a second injection.

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems.

Oklahoma City cerec 3d single visit crowns


OKC CEREC single visit crowns

Nobel Biocare Single Visit Implants

Nobel Biocare provides a versatile range of implants, suited to every indication you could encounter and all designed to deliver Beautiful Teeth Now™.
This concept makes it possible for patients to leave the dentist directly after implant placement with their new teeth in place – ready to eat, drink and smile.
OKC Single visit crowns
Oklahoma City single visit implants

Oklahoma City before and after veneersLumineers & Veneers are laboratory fabricated, porcelain facings that are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to whiten teeth, close spaces, straighten teeth, or repair chipped or worn teeth. The veneers are only about 1 mm thick (the thickness of a fingernail).

OKC before and after white fillingsWhite fillings replace silver or gold fillings with a more natural looking tooth-colored material. Since teeth are translucent, dark fillings cause the whole tooth to appear darker when viewed from the side. Replacing older dark fillings with white fillings will keep your smile glowing!

Oklahoma City before and after whiteningTeeth Whitening is a very popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It is a relatively easy and effective technique for obtaining a dazzling, whiter smile, at home, in a matter of days.

OKC before and after bondingBonding is a procedure where tooth-colored composite resin material is placed to "fill in the blanks." One of the most frequent uses of the bonding technique is to fill in a gap between front teeth.

Oklahoma City before and after enamel shapingEnamel Shaping (Contouring) is the process of shaping natural teeth to improve their appearance. Shaping can be used to correct minor cases of crowded or overlapping teeth, smooth rough edges, or make small adjustments to the shape of a tooth.

OKC before and after caps crownsCaps (Crowns) are rarely used for cosmetic correction any more, since the advent of veneers, but in some cases a crown may be necessary for a particular tooth. A tooth with a bad fracture or a large filling that is breaking down, or has decay around it, may be a candidate for a crown instead of a veneer. This patient has veneers on top, but one of the front teeth had a large filling and had to be crowned.

Oklahoma City before and after orthodonticsOrthodontics is no longer just braces. Arch expanders can sometimes be used in younger children to prevent or minimize any need for braces. A patient that needs braces now has a choice of silver or white/clear brackets. Retainers may be used to help maintain straight teeth. Adults now have the option of wearing an "invisible" retainer to correct mild to moderate crowding.


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